The business model solution


The business model solution is rent. Not just video, but the entire lighting, sound, events, presentation industry. 100% deductable, no messing around with write off periods and then tax on disposals.


The trouble is, creative people want 100% access. They want to be able to answer the phone, get in the car, and go. Even battery charging delays get in the way. The expensive gizmo, bought for one project ten years ago, still sits on the shelf – just in case. many have so much kit that they could rent it out, but don't because they don't want to take the chance on it getting mistreated. I have a big expensive jib in my store, that constantly gets in the way, yet was used on two projects ten years ago, and never since. I cannot contemplate getting rid of it. I have studio pedestals that have been used 4 times since 2005, and countless other wastes of money. I still have the cameras that needed these damn things, but they've not had power attached for years. I recently opened a flight case and found a Sony camera, with a Hi8 back end on it that I'd forgotten completely about – must have been there since I last used that, and I dumped the hi8 tapes years ago. I've spent thousands this year on LED lighting for a series of projects in the next couple of months, but after that, I wonder when they'll be used again.


I'm making a serious case for hire here – but despite knowing it's most sensible, and most cost effective – I have a thing about owning gear. I can't justify it at all, but it's how I've always been. 


You should see my guitar collection too!

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