The best image stabilizer


The best image stabilizer is a tripod! X-D

Just teasin!

As far as the cameras go, built in optical stabilization is the better than digital stabilization as far as final video quality goes. These do a pretty good job but if wont fix anything if youre all over the place. I know there is a plug-in by 2d3 called Steady Move Pro that is supposedly able to correct excessive movement. Its not cheap and from reading the info on it, Im thinking that it probably takes a month of Sundays to render out. I know its available for Premier Pro but I think it can work with Combustion and After Effects too. I dont think it works with FCP.

I have a Glidecam stabilizer unit which is really neat and does a remarkable job. When Im walking and shooting video, it looks like Im on rails. But here again its a MAJOR pain in the doo-pa to mount a camera and balance. Varizoom and Glidcam are so close to coming up with a neat unit yet they both havent figured out how to make these with some kind of quick connect system so you can just snap a camera on and go. Right now it takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to balance out.

Even though I was jokin around on top, if youre using a mono-pod, the only way to steady up your shot is by adding two more legs. I do weddings too and I would never use a mono-pod just for that reason.


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