The best course of action


The best course of action is to find out the causes of your static or electrical charge and make the changes to reduce or eliminate them first. Your initial comments make it appear this was the first time you had observed this issue so you would want to check out all your electrical first. Something like this should be in your kit if you are using host supplied power. Tester.Place this at the end of your extension cord. Or justleave this in your power strip as a continuous monitor as well.

After you have confirmed it’s not an electrical issue, move on to reducing the environmental issues. I have seen people mix a small amount of the static reducing fabric softener with water (2 tablespoons per cup of water) and use in a small pump spray bottle. They lightly spray the carpet around the area they are working in (or just a light mist of water alone). Caution here as itwill attract dirt over time.

Running a grounding cord from a known electrical ground, like you suggested, and have the end accessible so you can touch it before you touch your equipment will help. If you are still getting shocked you need to look over your equipment more thoroughly.

Use insulation when all else fails. You will forget to pack and/or wear the gloves.

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