The AVCHD problem is with


The AVCHD problem is with stuttering playback on the timeline when the clip starts playing; othere users have reported this on the Vegas forums. I’m not sure if the new update corrects this; I have had some computer issues over the past couple month–hard drive crash and now I am now reinstalling my applications. Apparently it is reported that it still is by other users. It probably is a problem with Canon’s AVCHD file format–which is a problem child. I wish now I had either bought a top of the line standard definition camera or Sony HD camcorder.

There is now a serious bug with the Pro Type Titler–when you save your project and reopen it later it puts in “insert text here” messages where your text used to be. Other than that, Vegas Pro 9 does not want to open certain other file formats that were supported by Movie Studio and Vegas Pro 8–not sure what the issue is there. Had I known I was going to have this much trouble with the Pro version I would have stuck with Movie Studio’s limitations and just added more plugins to enhance functionality. Canon AVCHD played and edited smoothly in it and it didn’t have a problems with the various other formats my other cameras shot.

I think I will purchase Cineform Neo for my AVCHD file conversion; it seems like a good program that produces excellent results.

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