The answer to this questio


The answer to this question largely depends on the size of the venue, crowd, mixing console and other factors. It also depends how many channels of audio youhave the capability ofrecording. If you get a stereo feed from a console, it depends on what outputs you get the mix from as to it’s level, impedance etc. It also depends on if it is just a mix the same as what is going out front of house or not. It may be helpful to have, but may not be a good balance of instruments. Another possible answer is to set up a pair of condensor mics set in an x-y position behind and above the sound mixers desk. If the position is in a traditional central position back in the crowd some way you may get a good overall mix here. If yu can record both a stereo mix from FOH and the stereo pair of condenors all to separarte tracks you may get quite good sound to work with that you can blend later.

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