The answer to the Kodak qu


The answer to the Kodak question becomes clearer if you read the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. Kodak failed to capitalize on several business fronts, failed to realize change was needed and that change was coming whether Kodak liked it or not. When they did finally realize change was needed they moved entirely to slow. They had the wrong business brain trusts on the bus – those that believed Kodak was too big and powerful but failed to embrace the new and up and coming technologies. The story of Kodak will be studied in the business realms for years to come. The story is not yet finished on Kodak – it will depend on what they do now that will spell the complete end of Kodak or a new beginning. In business you produce the best product you can in order to be a good company. In order to be a great company you build your product better than anyone else can. Over the years Kodak had numerous occasions to embrace new technology and use it to do things better than anyone else. However, it seems they made a business decision to be just like everyone else instead of better than everyone else which was the first step towards the end for Kodak.

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