The answer that comes to m


The answer that comes to mind immediately is Shure, Audio Technica and Sennheiser.

That said, since you already have the Azden, have you tried turning off the camera’s AGC (auto gain control?) It’s possible that in the absence of input the AGC is cranking up, trying to find sound and greatly increasing the “hiss.” This diagnosis is supported by the fact that you’re still hearing hiss when the Azden is turned off.

Also, make sure your camera isn’t supplying phantom power to the mic. Its specs indicate that it uses a battery; having phantom power supplied to it can cause all sorts of distortion and may actually damage the mic.

I’d be very wary of hoping to fix this in post. It’s white noise and may involve quite a number of frequencies and harmonics. The danger here is that by reducing the hiss you distort elements of speech.



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