The answer is: You have a


The answer is: You have a client who pays you to make a short film… To be part of that world, you need to have a track record of making great short films.

Getting down to earth, those who make short films do it:
–For love, not money.
–As a contemporary form of dynamic self-expression; in the old days you were stuck with writing short stories and articles, and submitting photographs for publication. (However, even though “short” it takes a group of dedicated individuals, a team, to make a memorable short film; exceptions to this are rare.)
–To get experience in all aspects of film-making to prepare them for making long films or for getting paid jobs in the industry.
–To submit to film fests and contests, to win modest monetery awards and get buzzed by cool non-monetery awards (e.g., Audience Best Award), and maybe to be discovered.
–To spend all the money they made when engaged in doing other creative and non-creative commercial video work, e.g., events, infomercials, local commercials (all satisfying in their own way; and paying well if you are organized and business savvy and charge what you are worth…)

I’ve heard all of the above in conversations with short film makers at short film festivals.

There must be a growing market for short films. All those cable channels: some of them need product. In the theaters recently Eros, and Bocaccio ’70 is in re-release. Have noticed on airline flights that they are showing a lot of short flims (the quality is not consistent; readers of this forum could do better in some cases; flight mags give info on who’s packaging these films…)

I think the packaging of exceptional/cool/audience-connecting short films could be a force in the industry at some point. (Meets the need of shorter attention spans!) Entrepreneurs, start your engines.


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