The actual sound system co


The actual sound system comes with a proprietary “Xbox adapter”, which is onlytwo female RCA channelsto a Stereo 1/8″ converter. Matrix mode can be turned on in order to channel two stereo signals throughout the entire system. Might sound better than two 6″ TV speakers, but isn’t the 5.1 sound setup that I’ve been dreaming of.

The console also has a digital audio (fiber optic) output that has the option of streaming 2-channel stereo or 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. Is there a good, cheap way of converting the fiber optic output into six analog audio channels? Frankly, the only method that I came across is getting a digital decoder sound box for converting to six analog channels.

Is there any way of doing thiswithout purchasing a $300-$700 converter box. My research was aiming to the $5-$30 price range, but sounds absurd now from what I’ve seen. Is this step possible within the price range? Or, is it better to hone up onsome porgramming skills for decoding and converting the digital output to six single analog channels?

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