The $60K home maybe not, b


The $60K home maybe not, but I very regularly do homes that are in the $200-300K range and they will still pay $200-$300 for a video. That’s my bread and butter business. I do probably 3-8 of those types of houses every single day all year long.

Why? It’s NOT about the house. It’s about a marketing strategy that sets them apart from their competition. It’s about attracting new listings. It’s about standing out. It’s NOT about selling ONE single house and the cost of marketing vs. the commission for THAT house.

People who understand that concept are on board.

Just like in the old days when people were advertising in (and reading) newspapers. The successful advertisers advertised REGULARLY (weekly, daily, etc). They had a contract. That had repeated impressions. They weren’t selling a HOUSE on those ads (even though often times there was a photo of a house), but they were selling themselves. Having a presence every single week is what got them new business. If they had a house to market, fine. If not, maybe just an institutional or generic ad. But they were THERE every week. But they were known because of their consistent advertising and because they DID advertise.

Doing videos for marketing is 30% about selling a house, and 70% about selling an agent or broker. Granted, most Realtors don’t ‘get it’, but some do, and those are your customers. As soon as they realize they got 3 new listings from their video on their $200K house, or someone recognizes them at the grocery store or at an open house, they see the value and why they’re doing video.

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