The 5p’s of production go


The 5p’s of production go like this:

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Productions.

Which means. He’s the horse expert, you’re the Video Expert.
Tell him you both need at least a script. Otherwise you’re shooting a documentary you hope you can turn into an Instructional Video.

I help with training at my local public access station. It was suggested (from me, actually) that we do an instructional video of one of the subjects I teach. I recently sat down and started the script.

Bullet points are a start. What you may have to do is sit down with him and have him go through the spiel while you tape or video the speech and then write the script from that. Think of ways you can break up the video into segments. Maybe one index card per segment. Then, on the back of the index card write down the shots needed for each segment.

I know it takes time and everyone is probably jumping at the bit, so to speak, to get started. But the planning before you shoot will really help you down the line.

Good luck!

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