The 5dmarkii, in my opinio


The 5dmarkii, in my opinion, is not great for much documentary style shooting. I used one when I went to Haiti and it was ok but it was a little limiting. I do not see why you would want shallow depth of field when shooting on the go. It would be more for interviews or action you can shoot on a tripod. Also, I find the whole zoom audio syncing process a huge waste of time, especially if you are on a tight dead line. I ended up only using the interview audio from the zoom. Trying to sync all of the NAT sound was way too time consuming. If you have a three months dead line, it might ok; but not a week. Also, the battery situation is tedious, especially if you arein a foreign country andonly have a generator. I have been testing out this new Sony camera. We have done several short story shoots with this camera and the quality is nearly as good as the 5d markii. We tested the Beachtek box with it and it sounded good. You just have to use the old techniques to get a really shallow depth of field. However, the depth is shallower than the CCD cameras. The optical image stabilizer is amazing. Andyou almost do not need a steady cam. The link to the camera is below. I hope this helps. Again, this is a great solution especially if youre doing guerrilla style shooting or run and gun shooting. I have done many tests and own a 5dmarkii. If you do have to use the Markii, I would recommend a shoulder Mount. There is a great tutorial on how to make a PVC one. I know PVC is not the most professional but I find it to work better than professional ones I have used.

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