The 2nd wedding I ever sho


The 2nd wedding I ever shot, I was interviewing the maid of honor and she started off with a mic in her hand and under the glare of the cam light said” As you see behind me there are 3 dead bodies – oh, I’m sorry, I thought I was at work.” Then she continued her congratulations for the bride and groom. I thought this was so odd. I brushed her off as a weirdo and went on with my filmming. The next day I was watching the local news and there was the maid of honor as a TV reporter. She was holding a microphone just like at the wedding and started off with congratulatory comments for the bride and groom and quickly cut off and said “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought I was at my brother’s wedding for a minute.” I felt embarased, but had to laugh. I think we shared an inside joke on local television. Not that funny but it is the best I’ve got. Trey

I can only imagine how odd that must have been initially… hopefully the wedding filming went a bit smoother from there on

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