The 2.1v you are finding f


The 2.1v you are finding from your mic jack is for miniature condensor mics. These have a tiny first stage pre-amp that needs between two and ten volts. These are the type of mics used in many consumer electronic devices such as phones, etc.

These mics are tiny, you can fit one in the body of a bic pen. Some have better specs than others. I bought a couple dozen panasonic mic capsules from after following a forum for minidisc recording enthusiasts. There are hundreds to choose from, but the experts on the minidisc recording forums have strong opinions on which ones give the best results. They are optimized for the type of product they were designed for. The microphone capsules are only a couple of dollars a piece. To get the best results one can use them with a seperate pre-amp. Using 9 volts of phantom power gives better dynamic range with the type I chose.

Lots of people sell these mics on ebay pre-assembled in small housings ready to plug into a powered mic jack. Do a seardh on Ebay using the terms minidisc microphone. Depending on your application and the specs of the microphone, it might give you much better results than the one built into your camcorder.

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