thats sort of a tricky que


thats sort of a tricky question. The quality of video burned to a dvd is relative. The reason is the various encoding settings, methods, and software. Downconverted HDV video looks identical to SD video in my opinion. The FX1 shooting in DV mode, or in HDV downconverted to standard definition should look very similar to video shot with a vx2100, with a few exceptions (mostly low light situations, the 2100 will perform better than the fx1)
back to your quesion at hand, no the hdv won’t look any better on a standard dvd because of the way a dvd works.. DVD’s use MPEG1 or 2 encoding, which compresses DV to a lower than original quality, so naturally it would compress HDV to an essentially equal quality.

Which leads me to a final point… shouldn’t all of us benefit from high capacity optical disc formats?? If they do it right, our Standard Def video could be encoded as NTSC DV and be at original quality, not compressed like on a 4.7gb dvd. Not likely an optical disc format will utilize a codec for higher quality dv footage(since it would be 4:3), but it would be a great bonus. What do you think?


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