That’s some rescue job you


That’s some rescue job you need there. :'(

We might need the long story. Do you know what the noise is? Can you not simply dub some similar music instead to recreate the original ambience? Is this the only source you have for the audio?

I think there’s a noise removal tool in Soundtrack Pro now, whereby it can ‘learn’ the noise that you want removed. I haven’t tried it myself, have you? You may need to use several passes which focus on different elements of the noise signal.

But in short, this sounds like a bit of a nightmare which requires an alternatve, ‘creative’ soluition.

I must tell you, on one of my earliest wedding shoots, I was filming the bride’s entrance down a grand staircase but had left the camera recording from the previous shot. Therefore, everytime I thought I was recording a new clip or perspective, I was actually pausing the camera. When I came to edit and saw the footage I nearly died but I noticed that mostly I had just 5 or 6 frames on each shot where I had set the camera ready to ‘record’ before I paused it again. So I slowed everything right down, mixed in some effects and created the most beautiful sequence I have ever made or ever bothered to do since – they loved it.

Sometimes you just have to work around the problem and think outside the box! πŸ™‚

Good luck!


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