That’s sad about the Mac.


That’s sad about the Mac. I went to Mac from PC and have had a really good time, and love it! I guess they have rogues – and that’s what you have. I note you do events. This for me is a key point. Primes and all the cinematic type stuff just doesn’t work for me, as very often camera positions are limited, there’s no possibility of going in closer, and a decent zoom for me, despite all the optical compromises is so much more use. Maybe a prime one day will be useful to you? I can’t say. For training stuff, a zoom, in my opinion, is indispensable. For my own lighting needs I must have good quality light – very smooth edges, that blend well. Home Depot work lights are bright, low off the ground at their highest, and have horrible bright splodges in the beams. Yuk. The provide illumination, not lighting. Keep in mind I’m a pro lighting designer, so for me beam quality is really important. Other people seem to really love them. I bought some and found them great for working on the car – video? No – far too crude. Some softlights and Fresnels are always in my kit. The bigger newer LED panels are getting better by the month, but they’re still not as soft as a proper soft light – once they are, I’ll buy some. For now, my LED experiments have been a bit mixed.

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