That’s funny ’cause i reco


That’s funny ’cause i recorded my entire season of track days aboard my GSXR-600, with all the shaking and rattling you can imagine going on at high speeds, and the thing never failed on me. That connector on the side is indeed a bit weird, and you have to be gentle with it, but the other connector works great for unplugging my cam, and never had bad connection problems.

The video has improved since the last firmware upgrade i received a while ago, and it’s way better than anything else i’ve tried. So i don’t really care where it’s made, japan or USA, as long as it performs. BTW looking at that chinese knockoff, it looks absurdly cheap and nothing like the one i have, which is a very neat all aluminum CNC-machined housing,i’m a machinist by trade and can attest it’s top notch.

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