That may be the key, I hav


That may be the key, I have an AMD Dual Core Processor ( I love it!). 4 gb of memory and terrabytes of storage. I have a pristine hard drive with encore 2.0 and premiere pro 2.0 with nothing else on the drive. I’m hungry for any info on the best codecs to use to make the best productions of my hard work. If there is a forum here that you guys can point me to, that would be great. I’ve been a big reader of the magazine but just started posting. I shoot bodybuilding videos and like a wedding, its a one time shot, you dont get retakes. Also, it’s a visual medium so the better the definition I can get, the better the memory that I provide for the customer. I am switching to Mpeg-2’s for the next project, I’ll take ANY hints to make this job easier.


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