That is a problem. I tri


That is a problem. I tried to buy a full size VHS camcorder for our Church a couple of years ago and found out they weren’t made anymore, unless you get into Prosumer line of Panasonic camcorders. These were well out of our budget.

Perhaps you should go for CHEAP! Get a dozen $300 Sony TRV280 Digital8 camcorders. Require your students to bring their mothers jewelry or maybe the keys to their cars that fill your parking lots, to hold as collateral? They also have analog composite outputs on them so just plug them into your TV monitors for viewing and forget about dubbing to VHS? Maybe your editing equipment is VHS so dubbing would be required? But a school would probably have computers for editing so the firewire port on these 280’s would be just the ticket for getting the DV into and out of your computers? Hi8 tapes are around $4 I think and they run for 60 minutes.

Maybe the $350 TRV480 would be a better choice? It has analog inputs for allowing VHS analog video to be recorded on D8 tape or passed through its firewire port to the computer. It would also allow your computer edited video to be passed back to a VHS VCR for recording if need be. The 480 can also play analog recorded 8mm and Hi8 tapes but that probably isn’t a feature you need?

I don’t think anything made these days is durable. Cheap and disposable is the order of the day.


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