That depends on a few


     That depends on a few things.  First, if your camera has a 1/8" input for a microphone, and you're OK with your mic being on your camera and not close to your subject, thus sacrificing somewhat on your audio quality, then a Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro should work for you, and you may not need the audio recorder because you'll be recording the audio directly to the camera.  However, if your camera does not have in input for a microphone, or you want to be able to get your mic closer to your subject for better sound, then you will want to go with something like the NTG-2 or other shotgun mic, and plug it into an audio recorder.  You'll also want some sort of boom pole, or boom stand if you don't have another person to operate the boom pole.  You can get a basic boom pole or boom stand for under $100.

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