Thankyou Birdcat. I tried


Thankyou Birdcat. I tried that. Rendered from Vegas to a file on the computer. A 27 minute Vid is about 1 Gb in SD. Does that sound right? There are many scenes and transitions but only 3 tracks. I then burned the mpeg file to a DVD using the settings you suggested (but in PAL) but there is no sound and the transitionsare more jumpy than the original. I tried saving just a standard .. non widescreen ‘DVD’ but that also has no sound. I have saved a mwv file to the computer and it plays fine,and I’m fairly sure it’sin HD(1.2Gb) Something not right here and it’s probablyme! My SD DVD player would not play the abovementioned and in fact shut itself down when I tried to play it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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