Thanks! I appreciate the i



I appreciate the insight everyone. In response to the three previous posts, here are my thoughts.

Media Fish – Live stuff is not in our target market because although we do captioning, live captioning is an entirely different animal, so your probably right that there is not much there for us to help with… As for short films I could see transcripts as potentially beneficial during the phase in which you are trying to piece together clips from many different sources and reels to produce something that’s continuous in sound and video quality. It can save tons of money if you tell the editor exactly which segments of time code he / she should use to complete a sequence. It is my assumption that the more specific your directions to the editor, the cheaper your project turns out to be (correct me if I am wrong.)

7Squared – Dragon only works for single speakers under ideal audio circumstances, it defiantly has a long way to go before it completely replaces our service, that being said, I know that someday in the not so distant future this technology will improve and proliferate. More importantly is the point you made about budget, working with transcripts is intended to save time, and thus money. The more expensive the transcription becomes the less valuable it is to professionals watching their budgets. Furthermore, there a lot of interns out there that will gladly transcribe your material for free. We’re faster, more accurate, and provide exact time code stamping, but at the end of the day, cost is king!

Jack W. – You have touched on one of our primary benefits to our clients. On projects with many different reels, shots, images, and other media elements, a transcript is extremely valuable when trying to write a script that brings all of these together in a coherent story and under consistent circumstances. Like I said earlier, you always want the editor to know the exact material you want used from the source and where to find it before they get to work! Time = Money…

Any further thoughts on this would be much appreciated.


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