Thanksforthereplies! OnceI



OnceI was aboutintoday 2or 3of my research of tripods,Ifoundout that “true”fluidheadsareinthe $1000+rangeand that onesin my pricerangeare usuallyreferedto asfluid-effect.

Forthose whoare just startingtodotheirresearch, fluid-effectmeansit uses a viscious substance (Isee a lotofpeoplesay it’s usuallya form of thick greaseor thick oil)and friction plates instead of a fluid pack that true fluid heads use (I’m still not quite sure what a fluid pack is, but I think it’s some form of multiple disks with fluid to dampen them?).

Unfortunetaly, nomatter how muchI wantto be pro,I justdon’thavetheresourcesto get a “pro” tripod.Fluidhead is justout of mybudgetatthispoint (collegeis expensive!).I’m stilllearning all sortsofthings aboutfilm andatthispoint it’s mainly a veryserious hobbyforme (I’vemade a grandtotalof $50 doingfilm work,butit’s a start). ThoughItake very goodcareof my equipment, I’mgoingtohaveto geta fluid-effect tripodtouseas a “starter” tripod (Idon’tthink I’mgoingtocount my current tripod on accountof howjerky andwobbly itis… butit was free :-P).IfIcan getreally lucky on ebay andfinda good set, then I’llgoforthat, but even mostofthoseseemtogointo the $500+range which isoutof mybudget.

Nowto getslightly back on topic… Bothof yousaydon’t get acenterpost.I agree that acenterpost addsinstability;there’s no question aboutthat.But itdoes add “emergency” heightin my mind.Now, the onlytime I’vehadtouse thecenterpost on my Slik sticks wasfilmingatallpersonin whichcase thecamera wasn’t moving (they were standing still).Any tripod that doesn’thaveacenterpost that I’veseenhasa maximum heightof about 5feet (60inches). So beingas low-budgetasI amand how much “versatility”Ido withshooting, I feel likehavingthisas a backupto getafew moreinchesof height might be worth it (And if I need more height I can assure you I’ll extend the legs fully before using the center column πŸ˜› I always have and always will)?Can yourecomendanygoodlegs (or entireset) without acenterpost,but stillhasa good height?

Sorry… didn’tmeanforthispostto bequite so long;Igot carried away abit.

Thanksforthe helpthough!Everygoogle search and every question I ask getsmea littleclosertoreally understandingthis stuff.

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