Thanksfortherepliesguys -I


Thanksfortherepliesguys -I looked over academic superstore and am veryinterestedin that.I’m still a current student (andwill be for atleastanother 2-3years… maybe moreifI add athird+major :-P),soI don’thaveto worry too much about proving I’ma student!

Ithink a lotof myconfusion about student licenses is that my “main” majorat schoolis Computer Engineering,so I basically studycomputerhardwareandcomputersoftware.I while back (actually when I wasin middle school)I gotsome student licenses of some MS Visual Studio stuff (my dad is a network admin at a school so that’s how I got the academic stuff). I read part of those licenses and they made specific mention that it was a student license and can only be used for academic purposes. I guess I just figured that all “student” licenses were the same way. Good to know editing software isn’t like that!

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