Thanks you for responding


Thanks you for responding to my message. What you said makes sense and I will probably take advantage of the price break being offered by Sony now.

I purchased Vista Ultimate in order to get the shadow copies and better backup, but I could have done as well with Vista Business. With XP, well, it was more affordable at the time and I didn’t have any real “business” applications I was doing with the machine. The main difference is that the “higher” versions of Vista have more multimedia software bundled with it; a waste since I never use them. I had application incompatibilities and a lot of trouble with 3D when I tried to upgrade my desktop to Vista–but new video card drivers and software updates have allieviated many issues. Vista 64 bit is problematic, not everything plans nicely with it; I hope that software vendors catch up as it seems that 64 bit is becoming more prevalent. I don’t expect that we’ll have as many issues with Windows 7 from what I’ve been reading. It uses fewer system resources and is likely to just come in a home and business edition and not all the various Vista flavors.

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