thanks, yeah im very picky


thanks, yeah im very picky about leaving gear in the car. Maybe too picky if we go out to eat after the show or whatever im shooting i bring most of my gear into wherever. I just messed up and left some tapes in the car for a few hours and i was just worried about possible condensation.

The Video im shooting, is turning out great i couldnt of asked for a better story. Its full of twist and turns and is scripted by fate, im at about 10 monthes i dont have a end date in mind yet or anything of that sort im just gonna like fate work its magic and let me know. Im just trying to tell stories and let them be seen. Overall i see this as watching a dream being born in front of your eyes.

So has anyone had any problems with Dv Tapes that had been left in the cold weather?

Like i said it wasnt long, maybe 4 hours but id rather be safe.

Thanks for the input and support


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