Thanks, yea It’s key for m


Thanks, yea It’s key for my set up as I do hour long sessions of spoken word and need absolute quiet.

As for vocal gear stuff. My theory (now after buying cheap for a few years) is, now, to buy once. That NT1A will be a great mic for your needs, or if you want a more broadcast sound, you can get the SM7B from Shure, it’s not a condenser, but its a great great mic for VO, you DO need a strong preamp to push it though as it requires quite a bit of gain… and actually come to think of it, if you’re using it primarily for VO, I’d get that one.. if you were doing other recording, like music, etc.. then I’d go for the NT1A, but just VO, the SM7B is great.

As for a preamp, well, your choices are very wide. Here are two that I’d recommend when you’re ready:

Presounus Tube Pre – super clean and clear pres, with the ability to add some ‘color/warmth’ to a voice if need be and super easy to use

Studio Project VTB1 – solid state means, very very clean pre, what you put in means what you get out, again with the option to dial in some character

Stay away from ART and Behringer… and at the risk of sounding like an audio snob… toss your usb mic πŸ™‚

Can’t wait to see your vid of your booth.. def. save up a few hundred for the SM7B and a Preamp like one of the ones above and you’ll be psyched… add the noise reduction stuff and your booth… and you’re golden.

This stuff is too much fun πŸ™‚ Good luck!

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