Thanks! We did use boom mi


Thanks! We did use boom mics when we had someone to actually control them. There was a real shortage of crew for the video (everyone was working on the actual project). In the scenes when you saw a handheld mic, that was because we had a wireless setup so that the workers outside could hear what was going on. It was more for them than the video. Actually, that stuff wasn’t intended to be in the video at all but it just worked out that way. As far as the lighting goes, we had almost no equipment to work with. We only had a few work lights and our timeframe was way to short to get anything looking perfect. Next one is coming up soon and I will definitely be making some changes to production. I am hoping for more help on the next one. The thing about this project was that the construction and design was the main focus and the video was secondary. Last year, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition made over a house about 5 minutes from where I live so I was able to get out and watch production. It was clear that the entire project was there for the show and helping the family was secondary. In fact, the "design team" didn’t actually do anything. They came out of their trailer when it was time to shoot and acted the entire part. They aren’t designers at all. Also, the hous was pre-fabricated months before production and trucked in in pieces. It made me realize that they are able to control every aspect of the show. That was not a luxury I had with Project Nehemiah. I had to be in the background and produce a show from something that was happening whether I was there or not. But nonetheless, I learned from the experience and I hope the next one will be even better.

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