Thanks Vid-e-o-man. I have


Thanks Vid-e-o-man. I have always loved videomaker FOR the business tips, as well as its focus on video technology. As both are something we never really studied, just had to research on our own. In the intro to production class, we DID watch videomaker published dvd’s. And wish they would use some of its sources on the business side.

I am probably gonna go back to the university, since im an alum now, and ask about any non degree courses they may offer on businessmanagement, it DOES have a business school.

I am deff gonna look up yoursuggestionof business of video on here. That is gonna be a huge help i imagine.

Marketing wise, im generally set. I took Intro to marketing for non majors as an elective. Which was a wise decision on my part. To take classes that pertain to my industry, but others in my study are not forced to take. I chose to take that one just to add some good bloat to my resume. I am not a pro at it. but, I think based on the small venture I amperusing, in such a smallcommunity. i should be fine.

Thanks for the tips!

ps. I imagine most would have to look up semiotics. I studied it in film theory, which for media arts majors is a 400 level class. Semiotics is dry as hell lol, one of the many things that i learned about, and will probably never use other then to talk film theory with my film nerd friends lol.

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