Thanks very much for takin


Thanks very much for taking the time to reply, chaps. Both seem to have some relevence, but not exactly.

For reference the party scene may be seen here

starting from 6:20. The part I am referring to runs from 8:48 -8:57 though running up to that it’s a very clever mishmash of time mapping and so forth. It’s that little sequence where he’s sitting and everything is running around him at hyper speed and it’s blurred while he’s crystal clear. I have seen it utilised before and can think of a project I’d like to try next year where it would be perfect in a different context for one short scene. I’m sure there’s a technical term for it, and was rather hoping there might be a turorial of some sort to show how it is accomplished.I want to be sure that I understand it perfectly before I try to use it, rather than having a tenuous grasp of the subject and doing it really badly.

Hopefully the clip will explain what I am trying to accomplish betterthan my poor description.

Thanks again for your time. Much appreciated.

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