Thanks so much to everyone


Thanks so much to everyone!

I am very keen on CS4, but I found out now it’s going to be VERY expensive. A store in South Africa was selling it for R12 000 (which is about $1600) so I checked Adobe’s store, but they will charge me $1029 ex tax for the download version – the boxed one has an import tax of about 50%! So won’t be saving much by buying there…the problem with the download version is that it feels rather strange paying THAT much for something which you’ll only ever have digitally…plus I pay $10 per GB I download…

I mighttry and get a friend of mine who lives over in the UK to bring me a copy when he visits in December – this would cost me about R9600 (about $1250)…but that is still very very expensive…more than my Camera or computer! Otherwise I should just get elements, which only costs 1/10th of CS4 and is probably much less powerful, but then I’m not completely broke…

Thanks again!

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