Thanks so much for the adv


Thanks so much for the advice. This is actually the short rushed version, so hopefully the long one will have a little more footage. About how obvious was it that most of the video had no stabilization? I tried using slow motion and good handheld technique, as well as working the shakes into the editing. To answer your question of what I used:

Cannon 60D with 18-200 f.35-5.6 Lens
Rode NTG-2 Microphone
Ronalde R44 Recorder
AudioTecha Headphones
$20 micstand
Less than $100 in cheap lights
Cheap Wallmart still tripod

Adobe Production Premium CS5
Magic Bullet Denoiser

I hope to get a little more equipment soon, and get a little better, but does anyone have an idea of what a video like this is worth? Also, could you explain what you mean by “the compositing toward the end.”

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