Thanks, read through those


Thanks, read through those. I’ve been testing this myself and have found a method that works pretty good.. it’s better than Vegas, though Vegas did seem to do an ok, job, but the method I’m finalizing now is def. superior.

It is much more cumbersome for sure and involves:

Sony Vegas 11
Debugmode Frameserver
Virtual Dub
Logarith Codec

The only thing I had to buy one TMPGEnc for $100. Maybe there’s a better free one out there… but I didn’t have time to test that. If anyone else has, please let me know. I’m still just using the trial of TMPGEnc.

I’ve seen a lot of threads, but none could answer exactly what I was asking.. I watched a bunch of tutorials on the above programs and found a way to put it all together… still testing, but I’m happier that I was 48 hours ago.. that’s for sure.

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