Thanks, RB. Since I kno


Thanks, RB.

Since I know nothing about this yet, I will follow your guidelines with both of the Pods you recommend. I did not even know where to start. Everytime I read a post, I have to search for info or terminology. I am on a steep learning curve. Looked all over for a video mag but could not find one locally. So I subscribed to videomaker but it will be awhile before my first issue arrives.

I will have to start filming BB games pretty soon so will also buy the hard case. I tend to throw stuff in the car and a soft case would not be best for me.

But, one question on the tripod. I managed to pick up a new B&H winter catalog from a friend who orders electronic items from B&H. I notice on page 286 where the 503(3460) is listed that beside the 745 they have a 3222WN for less money but seemingly the only diff is the extended hght. I am 6.1, so would I need the additional hgt. I don’t understand why it is 50.00 cheaper though. I searched and and the 3222wn comes with the same case, but the case is unpadded for the additional length but surely the padding would not be 50.00. And on the monopod, the 557b is two inches taller, so would this also be better. (it is a couple dollars more than the 558b.which seems more understandable)

I do not mind going first class but I do stretch my bucks. ( I drive a ’95 Camry w / 211 K on it)

Thanks to all for your assistance.

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