Thanks Mike.  Someone has


Thanks Mike.  Someone has said to look at Bridge and DSLR's though such as the FZ1000 as I can record for longer than 29 minutes at a time – the camera will continue from one recording into a second recording automatically for another 29 minutes, and I then join the two in FCP. I'm sceptical as to whether this is the truth though.


From some further research the Panasonic wx970 and 870 are basically the same except for the second built-in camera in the 970 (which I think is a bit of a gimmick IMHO) and therefore the 870 is the better/cheaper option.  I am definitely heading towards the 4K option as you said that it's future proofing the footage for when the kids are older.


Does anyone out there have any definite negatives/advantages for the AX33 or WX870? There's about £150 ($280) difference on Amazon taking into account summer cashback offers (870 being cheaper). From the youtube reviews, both have failings but I live out of town and getting hands on in a shop is hard at the moment. I will definitely be doing so, but if the FZ1000 can do more than 29 mins at a time then this seems to be a better option than either camcorder…

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