Thanks Mazdaman, i didn’t


Thanks Mazdaman, i didn’t even think of that type of info to include. Just goes to show how much of a novice i am. It’s a 1/8th mile on one of the local main roads here (small country town) and, yes, it’s totally legal. The road is blocked off, ANDRA are also involved (Australian National Drag Racing Association), There are loys of street cars and modified cars (i’m not really into it that much, but no nitro’s or top fuellers or anything that mad.) The main thing is i need to capture for long periods unattended. I am going to have a look at one of those SD card cams next week, i’ll be taking a card or buying one, chuck it in the cam and film a bit, pull it out, put it in my laptop and check the quality and editability (like that word?!!)



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