Thanks Mark, Nice intervi


Thanks Mark,
Nice interview. Probably shot with a nice cam too X-D
Im glad I joined the forum, all the advise here has been quite illuminating.
I looked at the DVX100B (the A no longer made) and at $2600 it looks like a great camera.
I wish I had the answer to Marks questions. As a freelance still shooter I shoot on speculation gut and where my heart takes me. Knowing of no other roads Ill probably travel the same road with video. Ive got it narrowed down to about 4. The GL2, the 2 Panasonics and the Canon palm HV20 Mark spoke of. One consideration not mentioned here is how an individual shoots. Im alone, obviously Ill continue to shoot stills so my baggage with 3 camera bodies. Lenses and now a video cam is extensive. When I shot video in Bali I alternated days one still shoot and one vid. For some things like cremations and dances I put the cam on a tripod, the Zoom by the stage and shot stills with the D2x. Its kinda like being a one man band. You impress people by how much you can do, but the music suffers. Someday maybe Ill have a crew and others to help, but today all I have is a dream. πŸ˜€

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