Thanks, Luis & Fred, g


Thanks, Luis & Fred, glad to hear two of Video StoryTellers! very active associates talking up this awesome global branding and marketing program. I’ve been behind the scenes here a bit, posting a little, but mostly moderating and cleaning up garbled forum posts for others πŸ™‚

Doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy, working with promotion of my funeral and memorial video marketing and production book: “They Shoot Funerals, Don’t They” of which Artis White of Flex Media had some nice things to say elsewhere on these threads.

Also, check out the post on planning for 2011, with some decent pointers for moving into the New Year and NEW BUSINESS! But I have to say that one of the primary sources for ANYTIME video production is through VST, where one interview can grow into several, and group social sessions can expand to fill hours, if not days. As you all can see there are a number of Videomaker Forum participants who are onboard with the program and proud to be a part of a strong marketing potential based on the fact that EVERYBODY has a story to tell, save and share.

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