Thanks KBVP / Cinetech,


Thanks KBVP / Cinetech,

Well, unfortunately, I am using this for promotion purposes, and I need my video work to join a particular "community" where it will receive better exposure, than on Google video. So I really need to get my work on YouTube rather than Google, Dailymotion, etc..

Now check this out: I processed some of the same footage with the same caputure standard (AVI, dvd quality) and compressed down to WMV 640×480 instead of YouTube’s recommended Mpeg4 @320×240. Then I uploaded to Myspace for a change. Although I won’t benefit from having my video on myspace down the road, but just wanted to run a test . . . . . . . so what happened?? click on my dummy profile to the left and watch the video! The picture quality beats YouTube hands down. Now why would that be??!! 640×480 compressed down to myspace’s standard of 430×346. But, hey, I don’t see any checkerboard background here (unlike YouTube). And I can see the details on human faces. Yet this is still a motion shot.

So why is YouTube’s technology inferior to Myspace? Aren’t video streams supposed to be YouTube’s selling point?? πŸ™‚

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