Thanks Johnboy. So cool yo


Thanks Johnboy. So cool your family was a pioneer in real estate video. I have an HV30 and a Raynox 6600 wide angle lens. (Although wouldn’t the straight lines of a building interior accentuate the “bendy” effect from the wide angle?)

JohnCrawford, buildings in and of themselves don’t really speak to my creative side, but after viewing some of the videos off your link, I’ve got a better idea of how to approach it. The videos are quite engaging.

jimcvideo, great assessment of some of the realities faced in this economy.

zoobie, I liked the real estate video more than than the usual slideshows, especially for the external shots. They showed the ambience, like people out walking their dogs, children playing, one had wildlife, etc. With a voiceover and some music, it was pretty nice.

Thank you all for your great suggestions.

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