Thanks. I’ve been reading


Thanks. I’ve been reading those articles and others all over the web; as well as ordered quite a few books and DVD’s. What I was hoping for was someone with a personal opinion that wasn’t mixed with a whole lot of theory? I was hoping that they’d begin their post with “well when I worked on (blank) I used (blank and blank) but I would use this on low-budget because it is a great deal cheaper or what have you.” I suppose that I have been oversaturated with information and was hoping that I could just get some opinions.

Not to appear ungreatful for your suggestion because I am. I thought that the whole point of a forum was to get professional perspectives on these filming situations otherwise what is the point? Afterall this is such an immense and thorugh website it could be said that any comment a professional member made on the subject of film/video was redundant; because you could just search the site. I believe that the makers of this site realized the need and desire for personal interactions with those in the trenches for support, reassurance and advice hence the existence of this forum.

I appreciate your comments but would relish some good old fashioned, no-nonsense, discriminating, no holds-barred, hard-bitten, slightly grizzled opinionated advice on the cheapest most reliable sound set-up possible. What you’d do if you had to beg, borrow and steal to record sound for a production and your very existence depended on the outcome? As if the real sound guy has flaked out, no one else will do it for the price, you have been deputized but you haven’t touch sound equipment since college? What would a professional sound engineer/audio technician advise?



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