Thanks Ivan, yes I agree with


Thanks Ivan, yes I agree with all of the above, but I do turn the camera/s off when there is nothing important happening ( eg when the guests are milling around) But saying that , I walk around with my main camera and often see precious snippets that I can record quickly there and then. I also get the bride/groom to give me a list of things they really want recorded ( and these often include things I may not have thought of) I also get pans of the setting before the wedding starts, signs, wedding venue and gardens etc, or footage of something like a fountain where the wedding will take place as this footage can be great to begin the intro to your video and you can place titles/text on this.
It is tricky to not miss anything. Once recently I missed the groom’s father welcoming the bride to his family and there’s NOTHING you can do about it! You have to watch like a hawk and know the timing of the main events…wear a watch and be ready for sudden changes and opprtunities. I love it! Hope these ideas help

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