Thanks! I had found quite


Thanks! I had found quite a few mini dv tape models in my price range butit seems to me the better way to go is flash memory & SDHC cards. So I was looking for prosumer camcorders with that feature, but somehow the HMC 70U kind of fell through the cracks (although it’s pushing the $$ limits!). I had resigned myself to getting a high end consumer model like the Canon HSF10 or HSF100 (or similar in that line) but am/was concerned with the size of the camera (and controls) and my ability to hold it steady whennot on tripod. So I was looking at shoulder mounts.In the reviews I read of the 70U none specifically mention”sports”, but my application is for youth & high school games, as well as tryout tapes and coaching drills so I’m not too worried about its ability to handle that. In the long run I’ll probably be happier with the bigger camera despite the add’l cost, although anyone with recommendations on shooting games, I’d appreciate hearing advice from! Thanks again.

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