Thanks. I did read many fa


Thanks. I did read many favorable posts about the GL2, also the PMA show was only about 3 weeks ago and I was not sure if anything new was available.

After being dissapointed with my GR-HD1U with it’s almost fully manual controls (and even reading reviews that said it had good manual controls). I probably should of asked if the manual controls on the GL2 let you completely adjust apeature / shutter speed / gain to any desired value completely independent of each other. I do some shooting on a bright light table and the normal rangeof exposure overridesdoes not give me enough range andbesides that, Isometimes alsowant to shootthe light table stuff wide open for shallow depth-of-field.I have been a still photographer for many years where good optical focusing and fully manual exposure control is the norm. I have not been very impressed with the focus on any video camera I have tried. Thanks again, Scott

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