Thanks Guys, I am struggl


Thanks Guys,

I am struggling with this same decision and I am (at the moment) opting for the Canon.

My concerns were light level. 0.4 vs 1.0 LUX and zoom 20 vs 12.

While I want mainly wildlife photography – thus in the day light and at distance – I do find myself in shadows – thus low light. My problem started with the Fx1 vs FX7. I’ve had my hands on an FX7 and I love it. I didn’t want to let go of that 20x. Not to mention the color and ‘Sony’.

I’ve been a Sony guy since Betacam (still have a working one). I also have a consumer ‘Optura’ – a solid performer. So it is a mixed day for me –

The A1 gives me more mag at less LUX than the X1. [Sony, are you reading this?]


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