Thanks guys! You’re commen


Thanks guys! You’re comments are helping me a lot! I just need to figure out on how much to charge them and create a contract and invoice them correctly. Question though, is there like a template for doing the contract and the invoice? I did the invoice once with a template on microsoft word but not on contracts. Also, when you guys sit down with the client on the first meeting, do you guys normally ask them what their budget is and base it out of that? Or stick to whatever you came up with? I am not sure if I should charge per the hour, per project, or per finished minute but I think the shoot will probably last for 2 days (interview & b-rolls of downtown & business center). I know you guys charge differently and I am still looking for one that will suit me (it probably will change depending on the project too).

Anyways, I really appreciate all the help that I am getting here. When I am done with this I will show you guys how it ended up! I still to find an assistant because it will be hard to get this all by myself (audio, lighting). But other than that, thanks again! πŸ™‚

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