Thanks guys, that’s why I


Thanks guys, that’s why I asked.

“If you absolutely need a specific format later….it is much much much faster to convert a final .mov file than it is to keep rendering out a project.”

I want to make this clip the best Quality it can be so i can use it in any project or format i need later. Down converting is easy, up converting is almost impossable, at least that’s the way it is for Audio, Like I’ve said before I’m a noob at video.

“ProRes422 is good for archiving. ProRes422 is good for editing actually…”

So should do and save all my work in this format and just convert for final format?

I want to get serious about video, for audio I have tons of audio clips that I already have edited and ready to go, that I can just insert into a project in just a few seconds. these are all in 96 Khz 24 bit format, so they will fit into any project that I am working on because I always capture and edit in this format and down convert to 16 bit 44.1 Khz for cd’s. I want to do the same for video, but I have no experience with video formats.

Or I may be aproching this all wrong, what do you experts think?

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