thanks guys, thats exactly


thanks guys, thats exactly what I am talking about daryldrj

that line of cameras had one recording format, but could playback other format recorded minidv tapes…

This is what my plan is, I have about 30 ntsc recorded minidv tapes, and about 50 pal recorded minidv tapes thru the years starting from some video8 footage I transferred to minidv tape from late 80s.

for transferring the NTSC footage minidv tapes, I will have to get a new ntsc minidv format, not HD format around $200 that I can do.

and also buy a new HD format but this time PAL (moving back to Europe again, and I hear for independent movie shooting people still go with PAL even in the US market)

Do you have any suggestions from new models in around $700 price range?

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