Thanks guys, I’ve decided


Thanks guys, I’ve decided to go the route of a separate voice recorder – as opposed to trying to get something to work with the video camera. Jack, I tried turning of gain control but it didn’t make any different. I wasn’t able to locate a method turning off power to mic (camera/s are HDC-SD900/SD90), but am thinking this is a likely cause of the problem.

With a mounted sound recorder, I’m thinking an additional advantage is that I’ll end up with two recordings, one (backup) from the camera’s internal mic & the other from the recorder. Actually, the audio from the SD90 built in mic is pretty good, as the mic/s are on the front of the camera facing forward (compared with the top on the 900 which is mounted on top & records a very tinny sound). The 90 (with it’s better audio, wider angle lens, just as good stabilisation & picture + half the price) is a better camera all round – I think.

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